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‘Gone Girl': 5 Reasons It’s The Best Oscar-Worthy Movie Of The Year



This year’s Oscar race is going to be a tough one, but ‘Gone Girl’ has proven that it’s more than worthy of nominations and possible wins!

Gone Girl was just released on Oct. 3, and movie-goers are going crazy for the new film. The film is so spectacular that it has become a major…

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I’d seen probably four or five things Rosamund had done, and I didn’t have a good take on her. I realized why when I met her. She’d odd. - David Fincher

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[au] The Liars find Mona’s dead body in the trunk of -A’s car.

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i don’t have claws, or glowing eyes, or super senses. i just have voices in my head.

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the most accurate picture of the retail industry 

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